Álvaro Siza – Sketches at dinner . Book 1

This notebook of sixty-five sketches came to life in Quinta do Buraco, Vila de Cucujães, in October of 2006, calmly but in a single breath. The first sketch was, in fact, the last one to be drawn.

Álvaro Siza – Sketches at dinner . Book 2

This notebook of sixty-four sketches is unique. Over the years, Álvaro Siza has got his friends used to these delicacies around the table and into the night: portraits, self-portraits, horses, muses, dogs and cats, monsters and even bullfights. They are pure enjoyment, for Siza and for those who have the privilege to be seated at his table. Drawings with no purpose or hurry. Serene drawings, drawn with an unforced serenity.